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TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW Prospectus for the 17th Arbitrator Training Programme

(Registration is now closed. Please pay attention to the information on the 18th Arbitrator Training Programme)

China established its modern civil and commercial arbitration system following the promulgation of Arbitration Law in 1994. After 20 years’ development, arbitration has been receiving acknowledgement from the commercial subjects and becomes the preferred means of resolving high-profile commercial disputes. This achievement is attributable to its effectiveness deriving from the final and binding nature of the arbitration award, its professionalism deriving from its involvement of experts from relevant fields and its procedural flexibility. The expertise of its decision-maker, the arbitrators, is crucial to promote the advantages of arbitration system. A qualified arbitrator shall possess not only requisite professional knowledge, but also practical skills to facilitate the arbitral proceedings and abide by professional ethics. Therefore, the renowned international arbitration institutions are focusing on arbitrators’ practical skills and have developed comprehensive and professional training systems to achieve this end. In contrast, specialised arbitrator training institutions or training bodies are rare in China. This practical issue, to some extent, hinders the development of arbitration industry in China. To solve this problem, in early 2005, Tsinghua University School of Law, in collaboration with Beijing Arbitration Commission, embarked on the arbitrator training project and has successfully held 16 sessions of Arbitrator Training Programme which all have achieved satisfactory outcomes.

Given its past success, Tsinghua University School of Law now continues to hold the 17th Arbitrator Training Programme. The Training Programme will emphasise on the training of arbitrators’ practical skills in terms of promoting arbitral proceedings, and will arrange specific courses on the interpretation of the Beijing Arbitration Commission Arbitration Rules and detailed introduction to the hearing procedures in arbitration. The Training Programme is designed to equip the participants with the ability to effectively apply the knowledge obtained from the Programme to practice by taking the arbitration moot courses. Instructors will continue to adopt the interactive and case-based teaching method while conducting lectures and providing training to the participants in order to achieve the goal of heuristic education and assist participants to get the most out of the course, also to meet the primary purpose of the Programme which is to provide the participants with the necessary skills to conduct arbitrations independently.

Training Arrangements:

Training Schedule:

November 28th, 2014; Friday (full day)

November 29th, 2014; Saturday (full day)

November 30th, 2014; Sunday (full day)

Venue: Mingli Building, School of Law, Tsinghua University, Beijing.

(The venue of arbitration moot course will be arranged separately)

The programme is available to:

Arbitrators from arbitration institutions, professionals from legal, trade and commerce, construction, financial sectors or other individuals who are interested in arbitration and mediation To maximise the utility of the course, the number of participants shall not exceed 50. Therefore, early applications are encouraged to secure a place.

Training content:

Arbitrator’s professional culture, understanding and applying arbitration rules, practical skills of promoting arbitral proceedings, arbitration award writing, and etc. (Please refer to Appendix 1 “Course Arrangement” for more details)

Teaching team:

Business managerial staff of Beijing Arbitration Commission who have accumulated abundant practical experiences (Please refer to Appendix 2 “Faculty Profile” for more details)

Assessment regime:

Combination of written test and arbitration moot practice (Please refer to Appendix 3 “Examination Method” for more details). Participants who pass the examination will receive a Certificate issued by the training institution


RMB 2,500.Yuan. (Food and accommodation excluded)


(1) Remittance:

Name of account: Tsinghua University (066);

Bank: ICBC, Beijing Branch, Haidianxiqu sub-branch;

Account No.: 0200004509089131550;

Purpose of remittance: training fee of XXX (fill out the name of individual participant) of the 17th Arbitrator Training Programme of School of Law, Tsinghua University

(2) By cash or check. If by check, please left the payee column blank


Please fill out the application form (Please refer to Appendix 4 “Application Form” for more details) and send it to Arbitrator Training Programme, Room 420, Training Center, Tsinghua University School of Law, Haidian District, Beijing, 100084 by mail, fax or email.

Contact person: Di Sun

Phone No.: 62772835;18201575528;Fax No.: 62773149

Email: [email protected]

Our staff will contact you for confirmation upon receipt of your application form.

Application deadline: November 17th, 2014

BAC welcomes you to join the 17th Arbitrator Training Programme

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